1. Graident over Malibu.  Fuji 400H, shot with Hasselblad 500CM.

    Alex Cave

  3. from Nature

    by Cédric Aubert

  4. Luke Johnson, right after grubbing down on some Philippe’s in Los Angeles.

    Alex Cave

  5. Julien Ferir - Belgium.


  6. from “a night at the train station series”

    by whythedarkdays

  7. from “Strangers” Jonas Justen


  8. Sincere apologies for the lack of posts lately; I have been travelling for some time and have just come home. Now that I have some free time I am planning a revival of the blog including a revamp of the appearance, new photographs and fresh interviews. Thanks to all of you who didn’t unfollow in my absence, hopefully we can get this thing live and kicking soon!


  9. I dont have anymore bones in my feet

    Neil Cuslidge